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Innhold av halv-times innføring

You might know Socialtext as a best-in-class provider of Enterprise Wikis. This is still true and now we are very excited to let you know that on September 30th we will be releasing the next generation of our solution – a comprehensive Enterprise Social Software Platform – that includes Wikis, Blogs, Business Social Networking and Information Mashups:

1. Socialtext Enterprise Wiki allows people to collaborate in intuitive and flexible ways.

  • Create persistent corporate knowledge
  • Eliminate duplication of effort and information silos
  • Make it easy for people to contribute and share knowledge that exists in the organisation

2. Socialtext People boosts the effectiveness of every person in the organisation by giving them a way to discover expertise and build informal networks.

  • Discover content and people
  • Create networks and groups with employees, partners and customers
  • Collaborate in wiki and weblog workspaces

3. Socialtext Dashboard gives you personalised views of what’s most important to you in getting your job done.

  • Subscribe to the conversations and activity of colleagues and build networks
  • Collaborate in context: aggregate what is relevant to you across internal and external systems
  • Get your team on page, and out of overloaded inboxes

The Benefits of this Integrated Solution:

• Radically improve collaboration within a geographically dispersed organisation
• Make it easy for people to contribute and share knowledge that exists within the firm
• Make it easy for people to discover and reuse knowledge that already exists
• Allow people an easy way to find the experts within the firm

See this for yourself in action through this recorded webinar

– the presentation and demo takes less than 25 minutes https://socialtext.webex.com/socialtext/lsr.php?AT=pb&SP=EC&rID=5598832&rKey=F4CD2736A847B529


Jon G Grorud
Sales Director, EMEA

Socialtext: The Leader in Enterprise Social Software

M: +44 7766 461 523 E: jon.grorud@socialtext.com
Quay House, Canary Wharf, E14 9XG, London, United Kingdom

Want to find out more, please watch these unique screencasts:
Wiki 101 – how to get started
Miki – mobile access to your wiki
Unplugged – offline access to your wiki

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