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Use Cases for Corporate Social Software Platforms

(This is an example-list taken from Traction TeamPage)

Use Cases

Whatever your role, Traction will free you from the aches and pains of managing qualitative information and communicating effectively and efficiently with small or very large teams or stakeholder groups. Below are some examples of popular use cases include. You may also enjoy review the Customer Stories on our website to read about some real life examples.

  • Competitive Intelligence and Market Research: Use Traction to collect, organize and selectively distribute information from all sources. Provide your own commentary, reports and analysis with links to the sources captured in Traction.

  • Product Management: Use Traction to collect customer feedback, market research, bug reports, and product or feature ideas. Then define features, assign them to versions, mark them To Do and give them priority. Traction can help manage the features or bugs through a process to completion.

  • Program Management: Use Traction to define and track program objectives, serve as a communication hub for reports and issue alerts, provide critical information resources to small and large teams on a timely, highly available basis. Traction is also an effective way to label and track issues identified, to be sure they are kept “at the surface” until marked closed or done.

  • Research Lab Notebook: Whether doing drug research or product research and development, use traction to document and organize your ideas, issues, Q&A, and findings. Traction’s robust audit trail will assist collective understanding and document timing and evolution of ideas.

  • Online Documentation: Use Traction to create “wiki-style” documentation for internal or external use. Traction makes it easy for a group of people to work together to create a set of articles linked by unique page names. Authoring rights can be separated from publishing rights, with articles remaining in a draft state until published. This allows readers to be presented with a “latest stable” version of the documentation while revisions are ongoing. See Concepts of Wiki Projects for more information.
  • Customer or Partner Communication: Create a project in Traction for a key account or partner. This becomes the secure space for communicating, reporting, and sharing information between the two organizations. You can expose the customer or partner to their project as well as others that are relevant, such as a Support or Market Research project.

  • Customer Support: Create a secure or public project in Traction to post information relevant to all your customers or partners. This is an effective way to post and organize FAQs, company updates, and important resources. You may also take questions and comment answers in this space.

  • Operations Log: Use Traction to capture activity information in daytime or 24 hour operations. This is highly appropriate for cases where activity and issues raised need to be transparent (but secure) to stakeholders, and where information can get lost in the reporting shuffle between shift operations. Examples may include an emergency room log, ship’s log, manufacturing log.

  • Company Newsletter: For internal and external distribution. Post news and events to Traction. Let Traction automate the publishing and newsletter generation process.

  • Personal Weblog: A very public or very private place to capture your thoughts, ideas, and collected information. Traction provides a robust set of labeling and other tools to effectively organize your knowledge and, where and how appropriate, share with others.

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