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The ideal collaboration work place

You are encouraged to contribute to this list ……

In most work we do we need to communicate or collaborate with others, therefore the ideal work place should be a collaborating work place.

  1. The main window/dashboard/portal should be filled and updated with what we are working on at the moment, so we can spend most of our time in that main window
  2. All workflow flows through this main portal
  3. It is individual based on your profile, interests and work assignment
  4. You can easily discover and collect contributions from people with similar focus as yourself
  5. Available information you need either flows to you or is easily searchable (include both internal and external sources).
  6. Views and searches can be time filtered.
  7. The tools to update/input/output should be generic and readily available to any collaborator (internal or external), any place and on any device that could http-communicate on the Internet.
  8. The content characteristics are not document/print centric, but rather compound, collaborative, interactive centric
  9. All relevant input are encouraged, available and appreciated – the wisdom of the crowd
  10. There are good mechanisms for interaction and contributions are rewarded
  11. The employee feel empowered and appreciated
  12. The company/employer will benefit from a lot more value and contributions from each employee
  13. …..
  14. ….
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