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Web2/E2/WOA to liberate us

Millions are spent and allocated on projects to upgrade the general PC desktop/file OS (ie Windows) environment to Windows 7 / Office 2010 these days -and with it goes the required HW upgrades. We’ve seen this (tragic) picture many times before adding to the cost of each IT workplace in the corporation.

Isn’t it about time to reconsider this old (being in the MS trap) habit, when more and more valuable data lies in and are accessed through web-based interfaces (ie E2.0 data). I mean it’s OK to get a new PC once in a while, but to tie this to an overall upgrade of an OS and Office suite, which in itself requires so much more resources to run without returned value, when most data is accessed via a web browser and alternative mobile devices – isn’t this a bit insane??

Dion Hinchcliffe has a series of excellent introduction to WOA (Web Based Architecture), and one comment here: A highly connected, functional and responsive mechanism. When most of our data are web based – this should be the road map and an excellent opportunity for corporations to free themselves from the MS trap. I mean it doesn’t matter so much what kind of file/desktop OS environment you run anymore -let’s get on Linux some of us, or Mac that we love so much or just my versatile mobile device.

It’s the web browser environment/capability that should be exploited rather than the PC operating system and office suite environment, don’t you think? We are moving away from print-centered document thinking to content-centered hyperlinked data. Content is primary and how to produce this collaboratively and then print/present.  And this kind of content lives in a web-based hypertext system.

Most large corporations I talk to say this kind of approach is in the pipe line for the 2012/13 upgrade, but why not move in that direction now? Well perhaps the answer is – in 2012/13 most MS offerings will also be web/cloud based…  What is your experience with large organizations? Has anybody exploited this opportunity to get out of the MS trap?

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