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Effective communications

Businesses are looking for ways to bring it all together to achieve effective internal and external communication arenas.  Traditionally one have had the notion of a “portal” to serve as this junction of communication. However what would communication be without interactions? Therefore to design this communication around the model of a collaborative space will more effectively include this sphere.

To use a model where the digital space most closely mirror or resemble the physical space of communication, would be the right approach. Then the capabilities of the digital space can also be used to improve what can be achieved by physical communication.

The capability of the collaborative space is such that communication can be designed to work one way or two-ways, restricted or un-restricted, with different degrees of interactivity as best meets business needs. In it lays also the capability of extending the communication scope to cater for more involvement from user communities, feedbacks, knowledge capture, innovation initiatives, case development and follow-ups, exception handling, develop best practices, task management, project handling, etc.

Some features of the collaborative space are mentioned here, which will serve as the foundation for the core communication functionality. Presenting the user/role with the right communication/information is a given.

Clicking on the images to the left here will expand on some principles serving as a model for the collaborative space.  The mantra is connecting people, connecting data (and systems). We connect to data and people that are applicable to what we are working on at the moment. Data are both informal conversational data and formal business data accessed via SOA links. It is important to note that informal conversational data now gain a higher valued status, just as high as formal documents, etc.; we need to catch the conversation and history behind a document/report and thus a good host for conversational data – see The value of what you write and the value of conversational data)

The connectedness of things is imparative utilizing WOA/SOA architecture to drive the delivery/dynamics of data. (see: A highly connected, functional and responsive mechanism and Simplify Client Configuration and Data Access)

As mentioned in Productivity, good, simple and mature hypertext engines are available to drive this collaboration and communication space. And it’s better to use this targeted type of software, than applying some traditional software that follows the old paradigm.


When you achieve a clean and effective work surface for communication and collaboration (as outlined in this post and the Productivity post), a lot of work done in traditional personal productivity tools like MS Office , emails will be significantly reduced , and thus reducing the cost of each IT workplace and the need for support.

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