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Information handling – some guiding principles and definitions

“Enlightenment must come little by little – otherwise it would overwhelm”.

Idries Shah

This article to summarize and perfect what is discussed in “The life of an Information Item“,  “Handling Information Items” and “Developing intelligence in the Enterprise 2.0 world” with the following:

1) Information …

….. is anything that gives anybody (increased?) knowledge about a subject matter.

2) Information Item ….

….. is the smallest entity of a collection that forms Information. It is the atom of the fabric of collaborative effort. Anything that is referencable.

Examples: Any item or paragraph of a blog/article, comment, person profile, video, picture, illustration and referencable items in pictures or illustrations, certain cuts or slots in a recorded video or chat conversation, etc.

See Principles in http://bit.ly/7Dz6yK – “Principle #2: Web resources are maintained in a hyperlinked fabric using hypermedia (content with non-linearly navigable embedded links). In general, URIs should favor granularity and depth in linkage instead of being monolithic”

3) Information Management (IM):

It is the process of  ….. :

  • creating and/or  (co-)developing information (-items) and content
    • including the process of modifying, correcting, expanding information in collaborative effort
  • combining information items, mashups
  • valuing
    • by means of ranking/rating
      • by humans (thumbs up/down, staring)
      • by systems/machines (valued or devalued according to used, referenced, linked, combined, etc.)

4) Information container:

Information and Information Items should reside and be kept one place. Multiple copies or versions or residences of the same Information Item is a no-no. There is no need to carry information only reference it. Thus email is neither a suitable container nor carrier of information – it was never designed for that purpose, even though it is (mis-)used that way lots of times.

5) What gives value to Information and Information Items:

  • Collaborative Effort:
    • None of us is as smart as all of us
    • Any work we do is at one stage or another (if not all) collaborative in nature.
    • When we collaborate our work (our infromation production) is enhanced and enriched (given more value), because none of us is as smart as all of us.
    • In any work we do, somebody (or something?) else in our workgroup/company/related companies or organisations (even or most surely competitors)/country/the world, is/has been/will be working on the same or related issues.
    • Collaboration is the only true form of information/knowledge gathering
    • Any knowledge not shared is worthless


6) Suitable information handlers

Hypertext engine

Working in the collaborative space.

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