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The Integration Game

There’s been ample discussions about how to best integrate social software in business systems or make business systems more social/interactive.
John Tropea in his post: The integration of Enterprise Social Software tries to give an overview of the Social Software integration landscape. In my comment I suggest simplifying this to 3 or 4 categories:
1) Vendors of traditional business apps include social fetaures in their apps (eg Salesforce Chatter and SAPStreamworks …?),
2) the social app vendor integrate hooks into the traditional business apps (eg an iFrame, etc.)?
3) the social app vendor integrate more business functions into the social app?
This is an exciting approach , and while you may make the argument in the integration game that it is best to leave traditional business functions to dedicated business systems (like CRM f.ex), and make them social/interactive with the help of the social software, it is also tempting to include more functionality in you collaborative space environment (since you live there anyway).
4) I guess a 4th is possibility to have your companies social app badge or button alongside G+, FB, Twitter buttons in your business legacy systems, or where you don’t have control of the page, include the same funstionality in a bookmarklet.
This last one would be the easiest and leave business legacy systems to their domains without complicated integration issues.
Traction Teampage (among others) take this approach that was launched on the last Boston Enterprise 2.0 conference (Traction TeamPage: Connected Work) – see page 2 of this (also shown is the feature of Enterprise search and have conversations on any search results, which is also a much needed solution). Also important that conversation data “lands” a place / has a relevant home and can be linked into a connected container (adaptive case management) – see To make the knowledge worker productive
I think this is also relevant to the discussion around the post “The Big Failure of Enterprise 2.0 Social Business“, where the big cause mentioned was: “The big failure of social business is a lack of integration of social tools into the collaborative workflow“.
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