There are numerous resources on this (see f.ex. E20 Adoption Council,,, ….)

This is a blog in making – not finished yet ….

The tools issue – who should we marry?

The BIG ones …

E2.0 is a buzz word. Everybody is talking about it. The big ones certainly don’t want to miss out.  So what we might see (and see already) is ERP 2.0 certainly (i.e. socialization of processes), but that also means SAP 2.0, Oracle 2.0, MS 2.0 and MS 2.0 means Sharepoint2010 and MS will tell the CIO that is E2.0 for them. Some might choose to free themselves from these vendor bonds, but not likely many. Enterprise 2.0 / Web 2.0 are buzz words and the big ones are taking it in and in to the companies and that’s the end of the game as you said.

I agree that E2 is not first of all a tool issue, but on the other hand I think that following a tool or big vendor philosophy will to a large extend define how E2 is introduced/used in the orgs.

Is Microsoft our (only) Enterprise 2.0 spouse?

First of all I protest against the notion: “Sharepoint is the answer, what was the question?” – which seems to be a ruling attitude in many large corporations.  MS has up to now not been the cleverest choice with regards to taking care of our IM needs, neither to develop Information Items (see: Whatever happened to the Web?), (MS Word was made to make a nice printout, not to develop content first of all – “Track Changes” has a mixing of content and formatting changes, etc. we need tools to develop compound/interactive/associative documents, let’s concentrate on the information development first of all, who cares about the printout, we’ll get some pdf rendering to take care of that),  or storing/finding (with the current file server / team site solution we have developed information silos that are difficult to retrieve). Now MS are giving us Sharepoint2010 and tell us this is the answer. OK, shall we believe them now? Why do we then need additions: Jive and Newsgator claim they are the one to Enterprise2.0 Sharepoint.  SP2010 might finally give us real E2.0 functionality, but it is probaly not the most elegant, easiest and certainly not cheapest way of E2.0 ourselves. See: Determine hardware and software requirements (SharePoint Server 2010) compared to:  “…..products are 100% pure Java standalone server applications that run on Windows, Linux, Solaris, or Mac OS X computers, as well as any other machine for which a compatible version a Java VM is available (see below). There are no pre-requisites other than a supported operating system….”

The elegant ones ….

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